About us.

It is amazing, how many ideas can be combined to a marvelous product.
Swiss solution for your business.


Scayla serves as an innovative, sustainable and intelligent business application for private people, small or mid-sized companies up to large enterprises. Scayla offers an application which grows with your business and thus supports every new business process. An application as unique as your compnay. All whilst looking out for our planet. Imagine Simple. Imagine Scayla.


Our Mission and Commitment to Green

Pioneering sustainable and intelligent CRM and document management

Storing and finding information and data from any device at any time, is a complex task that involves substantial resources and energy.

Scayla is a pioneer in transforming businesses into sustainable digital offices of the future. Not your ordinary CRM and document management system, we and our community are making the earth a greener place.

We're not just providing a service; we're championing a cause - that of a sustainable digital future. By promoting the use of renewable energy and sustainable practices, we're contributing significantly to the wellbeing of businesses, individuals, and the environment.

Scayla isn't just about handling data, it's about steering a digital revolution while caring for our shared planet. It's about reshaping the way we manage our data, paving the way for a sustainable and environmentally-conscious digital future.

Every account contributes towards a healthier planet

For every fresh account on Scayla, we dedicate a part of the proceedings towards global tree planting initiatives. While one tree might not make an overnight difference, bit by bit, we and our growing community are shaping the Earth into a more sustainable environment. Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond mere tree planting. We continuously strive to operate innovatively and openly, always prioritizing fairness and ecological responsibility. 

Minimizing Our Carbon Impact

We are firmly committed to reducing our carbon footprint by using electricity from renewable energy sources and by reducing the carbon impact for all aspects of our operations.

Additionally, we have integrated photovoltaic systems on building roofs and facades, significantly contributing to the production of eco-friendly power. Through these practices, we take an active role in advocating for a sustainable and climate-conscious future.